Are your teams working in silos?
Are they averse to risk and don’t make decisions in given time?
Do you find your teams competing rather than collaborating?

Make your teams experience The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine workshop and your teams will never be the same again.

The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine is a half day powerful business simulation, which focuses on developing enabling behaviors in the areas of strategy, implementation, risk taking, decision making, trust on leadership and collaboration. This workshop is a great way to help build high performance teams.

In a simulated environment, the teams have to go to the mountains of Arizona to mine Gold and come back on a 20 day journey. Based on how good they are in implementing some key business skills, teams will be able to mine more Gold for the organization.

The behaviors which they display and demonstrate in a simulated environment is directly proportionate to the amount of gold or goals they will achieve for the organization.

The Dutchman is a great team building game and collaborative leadership development exercise that helps gear senior and middle management teams for high performance! This table top business game is perfect for team building events, leadership training, strategy meetings, sales review meets, retreats, management training and organizational development training.

Program Structure:

Briefing | Strategy Time | Simulations | Debriefing
Duration:  3.5 – 4 hours
Team size: 20- 200+ in a conference seating
Ideal for cross-functional teams, managers to senior / top management teams

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have experienced this business simulation worldwide!

What our Clients have to say

Tim de Nordwall
Kimberly-Clark Health Care

“Motivating and leaves a lasting impression”

For several years I have used large-scale games and found them to be high impact, motivating, and leaving a lasting impression. The latest example and one of the better ones is “The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine.” We used it for an international sales meeting to reinforce the importance of planning and strategy in successful sales activities. The game allows a serious debrief that exposes the learning points and decisions taken by the groups and why some groups outperform others. It provides for lots of fun and interaction along the way and the instructions include guidelines on how to align the game to your organizational goals and event themes, and to align your debrief as well. This event had the highest rating of the conference and people still refer to it 18 months later when holding meetings / coaching on sales efficiency and productivity.

Mary Lo-Samrick
Director of Training and OD, NuVision Federal Credit Union

 “Getting people to act in alignment”

The key learning points about Dutchman relate to the issues involved in creating and sharing a vision and getting people to act in alignment. It is far easier to talk about working together and collaborating for shared goals and outcomes than it is to actually do that, and Dutchman demonstrates that really well. The beauty of the Dutchman game is not so much in the play but in the actual debrief and what “nuggets of gold” can actually be mined within the discussion and its application to your organization. Senior Leaders are not always the most open to training simulations but since we have done the activity, we are still talking about “aha’s” that we have uncovered and plan to apply in our strategy for the upcoming year. I can recommend this game to anyone dealing with senior managers or large groups of people. It is fun, but it is also very effective.

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