Ever wondered how to develop key business skills in teams?

Imagine soldiers stepping into a real battlefield without adequate war training? It’s a huge risk and if they fail, results will be fatal. Come to think of it, training business persons and their workforce on developing key business skills and having the right business acumen is of no less importance. Planning and execution may make or break your business. It is better to learn about the changes possible in your business and make informed decisions so to handle crisis situations when time demands.

SimuRise Learning bridges these gaps by transforming talents and processes through the power of experiential learning, thus helping businesses prosper. Our workshops leverage business simulations and games as proven, powerful and flexible tools for bringing about personal transformation and fostering leadership skills, business skills, and management skills. These team building activities help gear senior and middle management teams for high performance and are perfect for team building events, leadership training, strategy meetings, retreats, management training and organizational development training.

Experience World-class Business Simulations

Our business simulation strategy games like The Search for The Lost Dutchman’s Gold Mine, Square Wheels and FreshBiz are renowned tools that encourage key behaviors for high potential development. These simulations focus on a wide array of topics and objectives like teamwork and collaboration, creative thinking, conflict resolution, identifying & creating opportunities, proactive leadership, resource optimization, self-expression and much more

Freshbiz entrepreneurial thing business simulation

Changing the way you play business & life

High-impact simulation for turning competitive teams into collaborative teams

Fresh business perspectives depicted in a series of illustrations that make you think and act!

It is observed that people generally remember


of what they read


of what they hear and see


of what they hear


of what they say or write


of what they see


of what they do

Business Simulations are all about LEARNING BY DOING






Examine Outcomes



What exactly is a business simulation?

A business simulation is a very powerful learning tool that helps participants apply knowledge in a risk-free environment and understand what works best for their business. Real-world scenarios are used to help participants leave their comfort zone and see the bigger picture.

It places learners in an engaging environment where they are expected to make strategic plans, execute best practices, analyze outcomes and rethink other possible ways of overcoming a given market situation.

Business Simulation helps corporate leaders, trainers,
learning professionals and individuals develop key business skills like

Strategic Thinking


Market Analysis


Decision Making




Problem Solving




Financial Analysis



Why should companies turn to simulations?

Business Simulation offers a better way of turning strategies into productive action. Some of the advantages are as follows:
  • Creates learning & reflection in a short period
  • Easily integrates into leadership & management development programs
  • Highly engaging
  • Has long-lasting learning and unforgettable impact
  • Are brilliant tools for your learning and development teams
  • Fits in your strategy, review, goal setting, team building meets

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These Kits are designed for Trainers and Organizations who wish to use these experiential learning tools time and again at a one time cost. Enable employees to develop a shared mindset contributing to competitive advantage. Help participants build key business skills like Strategic Thinking, Leadership, Decision Making, Teamwork, Problem Solving, Financial Analysis, Market analysis and more.

Business Simulations at SimuRise are:


Reality-based  |  Intricate yet fun |  Evaluated with measured outcomes  |  Played and discussed in a safe environment