Seven Seas Quest Kit - Team Building Exercise
$895 (USD)

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Seven Seas Quest Team Building Exercise Gives You:
  • An exceptional value for $895.00
  • A One-Time Cost for an unlimited number of teams
  • Solid, proven simulation that works beautifully around issues of systems and processes for organizational improvement.
  • An excellent platform for demonstrating learning principles of leadership, motivation, collaboration, and communications.
  • A strong Debriefing program to a great team building exercise.
  • Fast playing, fun themes of sailing and the islands that are easily accessorized.
  • The ability to download the exercise upon purchase completion plus receive free telephone or email support, any time

The theme is one of “Saving the World” as teams sail to collect “polycarbs” that will improve the impact of the medicines used to fight the plague.

Health organizations have found this theme resonates well for them but all kinds of organizations have enjoyed the adventure and learning points within the game.


You download the files upon purchase completion to receive everything needed to run this team building exercise. There are ample instructions and details for delivery, room design ideas, forms and files for printing game materials and PowerPoint files for delivery and debriefing.

Fill up the form below to buy the Seven Seas Quest Kit and we will get in touch within 48 hours!


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