FreshBiz-Trainers-Kit game based training
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As a business coach or leadership trainer, offering high level consulting, you already know that it’s no longer enough just to talk about innovation, creativity, communication, and independent thinking. Especially with Millennials. It’s important to actually practice it!

The FreshBiz Experience is the perfect game based training, designed to completely transform your clients’ work culture: From teamwork and creativity, to leadership and smart business practices, and much much more!


Our FreshBiz Facilitator Certification is a turnkey solution. After going through our online training certification process, you’ll receive a special license to begin offering FreshBiz as a unique training experience to your clients; up to 24 people at a time.

The FreshBiz Trainers Kit comes with all this and MORE:


6 complete game sets so you can guide up to 24 people through a fun game based training transformational process. Up to 4 participants play on each board, and under your facilitation, they get to develop muscle memory in spotting opportunities, collaborative winning, smart strategies, taking action, and much more.



10 Copies of “The New Entrepreneurz” to read and share. Packed with great stories and practical tools on building smart purpose driven businesses, the book will take you deep down the rabbit hole to develop entrepreneurial thinking. It will give you a deep understanding of the different concepts and dimensions of the FreshBiz game and workshop. We recommend reading it at least twice as part of your preparation for facilitating workshops.



The 3 hour Basic FreshBiz workshop is fully facilitated using the workshop presentation. As part of the kit you will have a downloadable copy of the presentation so you could use it as part of running the workshop. The presentation includes 3 parts: 1) The opening session. 2) The game instructions 3) The debriefing.



The FreshBiz kit was designed exclusively for professional trainers, so we assume you already have training, presenting, and facilitation skills. Since all you need is the relevant content for the FreshBiz workshop, we created a full set of online training videos that will guide you through all the steps of running one. The videos are all you need, in addition to playing the game several times and reading the book a couple of times before your first workshop.



There are many different entrepreneurial thinking muscles; from collaborative winning to creativity, smart strategic thinking, and more. Because different cultures and teams need to work on different specific areas, we added 3 bonus tracks and new badges, to celebrate achievements across different areas. This expands your offering and lets you run different themed workshops to your clients, which include “The Next Level of Teamwork”, “Creativity & Innovative Thinking”, and “Developing Leadership!”



‘Just’ training is pretty old school, which is why we’ve created a process to help you learn and grow through using the kit. When you get the kit you become a part of our special community of top professional trainers around the globe. From joining our community Facebook group where you get to develop entrepreneurial thinking, share ideas, stories and challenges, to online webinars where we share new content and best practices, and even to participating in one of our fun global FreshBiz Experiences just for trainers!



Although you’ve got all you need in the kit and the online training, we know that sometimes there is nothing like going through a live training session, playing with other professionals, and getting a deeper understanding of the ‘behind the scenes’ of FreshBiz. That’s why we run a 1-2 day Train the Trainer seminar every once in a while in a different region (we’ll let you know on the Facebook group), and as a FreshBiz trainer you are invited to join us at any of those events wherever you’d like around the globe. This makes a great opportunity to stack lifestyle and training together and let’s us also get to meet in person:)



Traveling in ease and style is a crucial part of delivering a quality experience. The FreshBiz kit with all your games, books, and workshop materials, was designed to fit right inside this small, easy, and funky-fresh carry-on suitcase. Since we know that the FreshBiz kit holds the opportunity to take you around the country and even the world, we made sure you are all packed and ready to go…in style. So have fun!

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