Square wheels is a change management tool to identify what’s working and what’s not working in an organization.

A brilliant half day facilitated workshop to help teams identify the Square Wheels of the organization, find ways to convert them into Round Wheels and implement the Round wheels effectively at their workplace.


  • Improved communication amongst teams
  • Simplification of systems and processes
  • Clarity of where the organization is heading towards
  • Conflict resolution and focus on eliminating challenges faced by the organization & its employees

Program Structure

Understanding the Square Wheels concept, Identifying the organization’s Square Wheels, Conversion of Square Wheels into Round wheels, Dot Voting, Identifying implementation champions, action planning
Duration: 3.5 – 4 hours
Ideal for cross-functional teams, managers to senior / top management teams
Team size: 15 – 150+

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What our customers have to say

Ryan Hendley

CEO, IH Services

“Sharing ideas for ‘continuous’ continuous improvement”

Square Wheels has been easy to understand and has paved the way for my associates to share their ideas for continuous improvement and quality. Square Wheels has also helped my company begin to take down the barriers to effective communication, not to mention it is fun!

Loren Stauffer

Raleigh-Durham Airport Authority

 “Motivating and leaves a lasting impression”

Using the cartoons, I was able to express what tends to be a very emotional message in such a way that everyone understood and became willing to participate in a problem-solving discussion. By the end of the session, the entire group was communicating and moving in the same direction with common goals.

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