Organizations want their people thinking big, creatively, and proactively.

The FreshBiz Experience is the perfect game-based training, designed to completely transform your work culture: from teamwork and creativity, to leadership and smart business practices. The business simulation helps develop intrapreneurial thinking and infuse the spark of creative magic in your workforce.


3 hours of immersive experience
After a 20 minute intro with game instructions, participants “head out” on a 90 minute immersive adventure of playing the FreshBiz board game. The goal is for them to win the game, and to do so, they’ll need to collaborate, come up with creative ideas and solutions, spot opportunities, smartly manage their resources, and make things happen.

The Debriefing
AHA moments include participants realizing that they could have played collaboratively rather than automatically playing competitively because of old habits, beliefs, and ego or participants finding themselves stuck in the game because they were blind to the all their non-monetary resources.

Taking it to your Business & Life
The workshop concludes with taking a deeper look at the game dimensions and how they specifically relate to life and business, breaking down old beliefs and ideas, and then presenting new game-changing ways to think and act in business.
After taking tens of thousands of people through this specific workshop, we can tell you that it definitely has the power to completely shift how people think, communicate, and act. So let’s play!

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have gone through the FreshBiz business simulation.

What our customers have to say

Dina R.
Neeman, RCS

“Ten years in 3 hours”

Ten years of lectures about teamwork didn’t accomplish what this workshop did for us in three hours. It’s amazing to see how the experience gets under your skin and changes you.

Anat Amit

 “Fresh perspective”

We got a fresh new perspective on sales and leadership. We learned how to build an innovation-based culture, and most important, we got out of our comfort zones.

Fill up the form below to book a workshop and we will get in touch within 48 hours!


Don’t want to book a workshop now?  Request a demo instead.

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